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    Default MT: Time In Grade

    Time In Grade
    By MJS - Wed, 24 Oct 2007 14:27:31 GMT


    Once someone reaches the Black Belt levels, what do you feel should be the standard time in each grade? Does your school have a standard for each BB level or do you take it on a case by case basis?


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    I think this topic has been covered, but I'll go for it again.

    I've heard several philosophies on this.

    Between 1st and 2nd - 2 years. (Some have said 18 months, but I don't know why)

    Some people say 3 years between the rest of the ranks.

    Some say 2nd and 3rd - 3 years
    3rd and 4th - 4 years
    5th and up 5 years.

    Or 5th to 6th - 6 years
    6th to 7th - 7 years, etc.

    I think just 3 years between the upper ranks isn't necessarily enough. And I think there should be more than just time in grade. Contribution to the art should be strongly considered.

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