Sparring in Kempo?
By Tom - Tue, 09 Oct 2007 03:46:58 GMT


Got a question peeps.

I been out of Kempo for awhile. Kinda ashamed to say that but I wanna start up fresh again. So I go visit a school today and watch a class and it was cool. The teachers there were all wicked nice people too. But when they finished class, I thought something was missing. Then I realized I didn't see them do any sparring.

So the head sensei came up to me after class and he asked me if I liked it. I said I thought the class rocked I just didn't realize they didn't do sparring. He said that they do sparring on Saturday. I said that was cool that they had a day for sparring. I asked if it was a 2 or 3 hour thing, he said no just during class. So I asked him if it was the whole hour classs, he said that the class still does warmups together and still does forms together. So the way I figure it is this school does sparring for maybe 20 minutes a week!! Thats IT!! Is this normal? Cuz I remember doing sparring a lot more back when I was in it.


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