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Thread: MT: Dojo and walk ins

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    Default MT: Dojo and walk ins

    Dojo and walk ins
    By kosho - Thu, 04 Oct 2007 16:57:46 GMT


    I had a 18 year old come into my dojo. He said he will be testing for his black belt in march. he worked out with my guys. after class he left with 1/2 the EGO he came in with. any others ever had this happen?

    There is more to the events and how he became humbled...



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    Default Re: MT: Dojo and walk ins

    I'm sure most schools have incidents like this.

    Several years ago a fellow came to our back yard and challenged the head instructor.

    He told the fellow to spar one of the purple belts and if he did well enough then he'd get on the mat with him.

    The purple belt wore him out; beat him all over the place. Drove him off the mats, tagged him was kind of sad. You know how aggressive purple belts are..

    The purple belt had no idea who the guy was until after he tucked tail and left the dojo. At that time the instructor told the purple belt the fellow claimed to be a black belt in ninjitsu....his jaw dropped..."What?!?!" he replied in shock.

    The fellow never came back. I guess he couldn't put his ego aside to take the time to learn something new; something that would be beneficial to him.

    The purple belt learned that confidence can be a great tool if used properly. It's okay to believe in yourself. If he'd have "known" the fellow was a "black belt" he would not have approached the match the same way and the outcome would probably have been different.

    Shows that sometimes confidence can be a benefit but can sometimes also be harmful. Something to think about if you have the time.
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