lets get together again
By kosho - Wed, 03 Oct 2007 18:33:13 GMT


I hope this finds everyone well. I had a good time when about 25 of us got together in natick area. I would like to do this again. I would like to get together at a Dojo this time and maybe order out some food, But this time share some info and make it a lite or mid level work out like a open seminar. have different people teach or share what that person whats to and make it like 15 min or 20 min time frames. a ton can be covered and passed on. what do you think? Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, Joe Rebelo,
John Evans, Jesse D, Matt Barnes, Shawn Seifer, Hanshi Seavey,
Carol Kaur, TShadowChaser, to name some, sorry if I missed a name. so what do we all think and also anyone who did not go can and should come if we do this...



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