Kosho ryu Kempo ?
By kosho - Wed, 05 Sep 2007 13:11:11 GMT


Just surfing at work today and came across this person.
I will ask Hanshi Juchnik this??? when i talk with him tonight.
But just wondering if any of you out there today ever heard of this person? I got this off the web???

My guess is he took lesson under Hanshi and then broke away, but i maybe wrong...

Hanshi Richard Buchan, 9 Dan
National Representative of Canada
Contact: Email shidosha@koshoryu.com

Grand Master Richard Buchan is a 9th degree black belt in Kosho Ryu Kenpo. He is an international martial arts instructor with 30 years experience. His greatest strength is helping people. As the founder of Kosho Ryu International he travels the globe to help people with their Ki.

Grand Master Buchan’s greatest quest is to take his martial arts to the highest level possible while teaching and helping people in the process. Over the years he has appeared on TV talk shows as well as teaching at international seminars in different countries.

His greatest love has been teaching at the respected “Old Pine Tree Centre” in Canada. This is an international master’s school open only to black belts and dan ranks of all styles. At the centre students learn to take the arts to mastery level. Classes are held every week. To help international students, each year there are seminars and workshops that are arranged in Ontario Canada to reach these goals for individuals that do not reside in Canada. He also invites other grand Masters to take part. His love for the arts is great and he does not charge for his instruction at the Pine Tree Centre.



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