The Tiger and the Dragon (Kenpo Crest)
By Ceicei - Mon, 03 Sep 2007 02:06:56 GMT


In Kenpo styles that follow the Parker system (whatever variation), often their patches retain some some form of the Kenpo crest showing the tiger and the dragon.

The tiger is said to represent earthly strength/early stages of learning and the dragon represents spiritual strength/seasoning.

My questions are where do you stand with the tiger and/or dragon qualities? I've heard it said from some kenpoists that being a dragon is the goal, but I'm thinking, wouldn't it be good to retain some tiger qualities? What, for you, would be a good balance? Does your kenpo journey sometimes travel more like a tiger and at other points, more like a dragon?

When as an instructor, do you feel more like a dragon, or because of challenges inherent with teaching, elements of tiger qualities remain?

I've been thinking about this subject for quite a while lately. Your opinions and experiences to share are welcome.

Thank you,

- Ceicei


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