A Special Thanks!!!
By Kembudo-Kai Kempoka - Sun, 19 Aug 2007 18:51:05 GMT


To the incredible guests and presenters who showed up for the Kenpo Ohana in Santa Rosa yesterday!

Amy posted on another thread, so a summary of some of the day is already there in brief. Mr. Labounty gave a couple hours on some stategies for working the inside of a punch, and a drill for getting up from the ground involving a transition from side mount, to mount, then up.

Mr. Cuthbertson from Petaluma Kenpo had the crew active, learning, and grinning from ear to ear on some escrima drills, and sensitivity/awareness training.

Doc Chapel blew some minds with material on the effects of posture on stability, and some teaching methods that had everybody chuckling while giving the world the finger. We had some seasoned scrappers in the crowd who found themselves surprised by their appreciation for how small changes in the positioning of fingers or feet could make a big difference in the strength & integrity of the whole bodily system.

Mr. Sumner presented for a couple hours on employing attacks to nerves in the body to improve on the efficacy of kenpo, and ensure joint attacks do what they should.

Some of the presenters went through absolutely hellish travelling experiences involving too much time in cars and traffic for the trip to be joyful; next round, I hope to bring them in the day before, put 'em up and feed them, so they are fresh the day of the gig. (Mr. LaB go to see the slow snowbirds of Sonoma County & enjoy delays provided by CalTrans, while Doc Chapel admired the 101 for approximately 6 hours of slow-n-go from accidents and traffic between Oakland Airport & Santa Rosa...an hour trip 1-way, taking 2.5-3 each way).

We had some most excellent guests come in from around NorCal area, including some local kenpo schools, and a couple from Sacramento areas (Sher Khan, Amy, and a very competent kosho school form thereion, as well as representatives from kenpo schools in Concord and San Jose. Rich Hale was there with the perpetually gregarious Travis in tow, adding a nice elevated intensity to the experiences of anyone they paired up with. And of course, several students from the host studio rounded the event out nicely by bringing an interest, intensity, and respectfulness that balanced the gathering nicely.

One of may favorite parts was being a fly on the wall while the Old Guard recounted recollections from days gone by. Buncha oldsters who knew each other from before I was born had a chance to catch up and review some memories...always fun to hear.

Thank you, Mssr's Chapel, LaBounty, Sumner, & Cuthbertson, for your time and wisdom and willingness to share. The event was a bit disorganized & dishevelled this first time around, but we hope to plan better in the future and do a better job of taking care of instructors and guests so that the experience is deeply memorable for all. Thanks to all who came; throwing a party is kinda pointless without guests coming, and you all made it infinitely more memorable with your presence and contribution.

In gratitude,

Dr. Dave


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