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Thread: MT: Lee Wedlake Clips

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    Default MT: Lee Wedlake Clips

    Lee Wedlake Clips
    By MJS - Mon, 06 Aug 2007 13:01:52 GMT


    Came across some clips of Lee Wedlake. Enjoy!:ultracool

    Five Swords

    Triggered Salute

    Taking The Hit

    Gift Of Destiny

    Blinding Sacrifice

    Darting Mace

    Parting Wings

    Thrusting Wedge


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    Default Re: MT: Lee Wedlake Clips

    I enjoyed the clips. Thanks.

    don (El Paso)
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    Default Re: MT: Lee Wedlake Clips

    Mr. Wedlake is awesome.

    Notice the foot transitions he executes during the techniques? That was some serious "text book" execution.

    I also picked up a thing or two from his instruction that I hadn't thought about before.

    Thanks for posting those! One of these days I have to get down to Florida and take in a seminar or class.
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