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Thread: MT: Problem w/ Entangled Wing

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    Default MT: Problem w/ Entangled Wing

    Problem w/ Entangled Wing
    By KenpoRules - Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:49:47 GMT


    Hi fellow Kenpoists,

    I'm having problems executing Entangled Wing. I originally learned the figure 4 grab/lock/takedown in Aikido training and my training partner is a proficient Aikido practitioner. The following are the steps I take up to the point where it goes wrong for me.

    1. Right wrist grabbed and locked by opponent. Opponent commences takedown by stepping into the flow.

    2. I immediately step towards 10:30/11 to check his right knee with my right knee and I execute a 'stopping' check to his right forearm with my left hand. At this point, I have temporarily stopped his technique until he adjusts to a path of less resistance. Before he gets the chance, I...

    3. Reach in to grab his left wrist and perform the upward right elbow movement which SHOULD place his left elbow over my right shoulder either locking or breaking that joint. This is where it goes wrong for me. Either I'm struggling to break his grip OR he ends up with his arm collapsed over my shoulder with is elbow facing up instead of down. In other words, I can't break free and if I do, his left arm rotates clockwise instead of counterclock, resulting in non lock/break position.

    I KNOW that the opponent's left arm MUST rotate counterclock in order to put his elbow into lock/break position. I've tried grabbing his thumb joint to break his hold but it's awkward and clumsy to get to it.

    My opponent has tried both a thumbless and thumb grip. I'm able to break out of the thumbless grip but his arm doesn't rotate into position. When he uses a thumb grip, we end up struggling.

    I really want to figure this out to make my Kenpo strong.




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    Default Re: MT: Problem w/ Entangled Wing

    First change where you are checking check his lock with your left hand basically trying to get your palms together. Next don't just reach for his left hand elongate the path of this movement to a possible eye poke on the way distractionary and causing a startle reflex to release the grip then carry on.

    Let me know how you get on


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    Default Re: MT: Problem w/ Entangled Wing

    Hey, can you post a video so that we can see what is and what is not happening in regards to this technique?

    Best Regards,

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