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Thread: MT: Kenpo or Kempo

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    Default MT: Kenpo or Kempo

    Kenpo or Kempo
    By stephentsd - Wed, 06 Jun 2007 07:09:23 GMT


    Hi guys, i have a question about your style, i've had a look through the forum and i cant find the answer so appologies if it's been spoken about! But i keep seeing Kenpo and Kempo, are these the same Martial Art? Just different spelling much like with us in Tang Soo Do it can be Dang Soo Do and Tang Soo Do, and if there are differences in Kenpo/Kempo what are they?

    I have in interest in Kenpo, my sisters ex-boyfriend was a 2nd Dan at Kenpo Karate but he moved from the area and the style is only taught where he was from and in London. Also movie, i forget the name, starring Jeff Wolfe was based on Kenpo Karate.

    Take care and happy training, i look forward to your reply's


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    Default Re: MT: Kenpo or Kempo


    Thank you for your question.

    My name is Brad Marshall I am a 5th Degree Black belt in Kenpo.
    There is a major difference between it and Kempo. They are not the same art even though they share the same root of the SHOLIN.

    American Kenpo is a realistic application to todays world and Kempo I find is more Traditional and weapons base. Some may disagree with me but thats ok. I have a lot of friends who I can refer you to who practice Kempo. All I can do is tell you about Kenpo.

    let me know the area you are in and I can see if there is a Kenpo person that may not be listed.


    Brad Marshall

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    Default Re: MT: Kenpo or Kempo

    Go to Al Tracy's website and there is a very good explanation of this. Here is the Link.'S/KENKEM.htm There is a lot of information and history on there. Brouse around. Most of it is pretty accurate.

    I am Most Respectfully,

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    Default Re: MT: Kenpo or Kempo

    Quote Originally Posted by MT Post Bot View Post
    Kenpo or Kempo

    That above is about spelling Japanese versus pronunciation of Japanese.

    It's Ken po. Fist Law.

    And in the Japanese language an "n" before a "p" is pronounced as an "m".

    So the spelling of Kenpo is pronounced Kempo.

    It's BOTH!

    Dr. John M. La Tourrette

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