An Attack That May Never Happen
By MJS - Wed, 04 Apr 2007 15:46:35 GMT


While reading thru some posts in the Kenpo technical section, specifically the one on Repeated Devestation, there were a few posts that caught my eye.

Now, speaking for myself only, I like to train for the worst case scenario. IMO, I'd rather be over prepared, than under prepared. Now, I'll admit that my experience is small compared to some others both on the forum and outside of the forum. However, while someone may say that the odds of a certain attack happening are small, will never happen at all or that it never happened to them, I feel that its not wise to disregard certain things. For example, someone may say that training for a grappling attack is not important because they have not seen it or had it happen to them.

Looking thru our vast collection of techniques, we have a defense for pretty much every type of punch, defenses for club and blade, etc. Now, we still train those techniques right? So its very possible that we may never have a gun pointed at us, but again, we're still training the rod techniques right?

Seems to me that if we had the thought that certain things will never happen, why bother having those moves?



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