The Top Five?
By Jonathan Randall - Tue, 27 Mar 2007 09:02:49 GMT


If you could select FIVE, and only five, techniques from Kenpo (EPAK, Tracy, SKK, it doesn't matter) to teach someone for quick and dirty (in the stripped down sense, of course confrontations themselves are "quick and dirty" - different meaning here) Self-Defence, which five techniques would you choose?

BTW, the five I mean are offensive techniques, I'm assuming they've been taught a blocking set or picked up such techniques elsewhere.

One reason I'm asking this is that, when I switched from TKD to Kenpo in the mid-1980's, a classmate from school (University, not Dojo) picked that many (well, started to but we ended up with seven, LOL) to get me started so that I could see what Kenpo was all about.

BTW, the heel-hand or palm-strike (although I already knew it, in a way) was the most immediately useful along with a less-telegraphed shuto than, IMO, I had been taught previously. Also, I learned a much better way of using the back kick for self-defence than I had previously for point-sparring.

Thoughts? What are your five and why?


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