Strike Quickly - If You MUST Strike.
By Jonathan Randall - Tue, 27 Mar 2007 09:11:10 GMT


Strike Quickly - If You MUST Strike.

That was the first important lesson I learned in my transition from a sport/commercialized TKD to Kenpo in the mid-1980's. Previous to that, although I should have known better from earlier, more traditional TKD and Shotokan training, I approached SD from a point-sparring perspective. Incredible as it may seem today, the Kenpo I was exposed to with its quick hands and forward motion (rather than falling back and waiting for an opening for a high-kick as I had been doing) was a new revelation. More startling even, is that the first instructor I had I now know was of a dubious lineage although he had had some legitimate EPAK training (probably up to low brown).


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