A Breakdown Of The SKK Katas
By MJS - Mon, 26 Mar 2007 21:48:49 GMT


I've always felt that students will get more out of their kata practice if they understand the moves. Simply running thru the moves without knowing what they are is in essence, learning only half the kata IMO. What is the move? Is it an armbar, wrist release, etc. These are the types of things that the student needs to know.

I thought that we could start off with a kata, and give some examples of exactly what is being done.

Lets start with 1 pinan, and build from there, seeing that this is a pretty basic kata.

Now, when I first learned this kata, it was explained to me that we were just blocking kicks and counter punching. So...turning to our left, left downward block, half moon forward and right punch. Sure, that is one option, but that can't be the only one. One that I thought of:

The opponent is standing in front of us, executing a left wrist grab with their left hand. We begin to move our hand counter clock wise, counter grabbing their hand, assiting with our right on their elbow. We turn to the left, bringing them into an arm bar, as we step forward executing a right punch to the head.

A viable technique? Possibly, but IMO, its something more than stating that all we're doing is blocking front kicks.

Any other suggestions?:ultracool



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