kids and kempo
By marlon - Wed, 21 Mar 2007 21:46:05 GMT


I may have lost a student. a 9 year old girl who has been blue for about a 8 months to a year was testing for green stripe. Some things were off some techniques were mixed up...not so big but some principles were missing such as proper distancing for strikes many angles in the forms, some stances were not as solid as before, lack of presence in the forms and techniques...still seeming to try and remember the moves rather than flowing to make it work. So i ended the test early gave her some corrections to work on and said we would finish it in 4 days (the test). She seemed ok with it but the next class the mother, irritated did not bring her and stated that she did not know if she would ever come back. i stated that i thought i explained things well and that maybe i should speak to her again and the mother said well she does not want to speak to you! It is irritating and frustrating to have taken the time to explain and re asssure and still get this attitude. But i would rather close the doors than give a belt away un merited, which i may have to if a few of the other students feel the same way because my dojo is small and rent expensive. In this case am i being to harsh? BTW i really thought that with a little effort and re focusing she would have made it. She has been focusing on swim meets lately, which is great but still does not mean i should give the belt for a sub par prefomance



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