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Thread: MT: Prof.Chow and testing

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    Default MT: Prof.Chow and testing

    Prof.Chow and testing
    By marlon - Sun, 04 Mar 2007 18:37:12 GMT


    It has been commented many times that Prof.Chow never taught the same teechnique twice. Considering how most teachers grade their students these days, i am wondering how did Prof. Chow test and what was the bases for grading with him?



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    Default Re: MT: Prof.Chow and testing

    That is a pretty good question. It is my belief that Professor DID teach the same thing twice...

    I can tell you that Sensei Cherlyn Kuoha got her Black Belt from Professor Chow after knocking out one of his black belt instructors while sparring (she was 15 at that time). It was with a high-kick also, which excited Professor to see a high kick that had power. This is another reason he and Grandmaster Kuoha worked together to add high kicks to the Kara-Ho system.

    I will ask about the "testing". In today's Kara-Ho we have "promotions" instead of testing as the student is being tested every time they come to train.

    The above is just my opinion.

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