Hand Conditioning-Internal/External
By LawDog - Thu, 01 Mar 2007 05:07:20 GMT


Hand conditioning:
Internal - how does it work.
The bone structure inside of your hand is designed to support the grasping by your fingers or holding etc. This type of structure is not effective against a frontal type of impact against the knuckle / finger tip area or impacting through any of the four main sides of the hand - knife, ridge, palm and backfist. The tissue around the hand bones are not dense enough to support the bones during these types of impacts.
This is very important to understand, if you take your hand and place it into a body of water it will pass through the water with ease. Now if you make your hand go faster you will feel a sharp impact as your hand enters the water. If you swing your hand very fast the water will feel like concrete. The reason for this is water will not compress. For your hand to pass through the water the water must move around your hand. The faster your hand moves the faster the water must move.
As I stated earlier, the tissue/matter in your body is made up of a high percentage of water. When you work on internal hand conditioning your body will make the tissue/matter inside of your hand denser. Higher density means a higher fluid level. If you slowly squeeze a hand that has been internally conditioned it will feel soft. When you take a conditioned hand and strike it against something the hand will become hard inside. The fluids inside the hand will not compress and will try to move. The faster the hand goes, on impact, it will become harder. The outer skin acts like a pool liner and keeps the tissue/matter in place.
What an internally conditioned hand will do,
* slows down or stops the object being impacted upon from hitting or damaging the hands internal bone structure,
* The denser the hand the more will it weigh,
* Encases the bones, like concrete, thus supporting them.
This is a short explaination, the full version takes a long time to type out, for me anyway.
External hand conditioning.
Makes the skin around protruding bones denser. This denser skin will act as a cushion between a bone and the impact point.
Note - Hand conditioning is a slow development process, done properly it will take years to complete. Short cutting the process will cause damage to your hands or to other parts of the body that you may want to condition


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