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Thread: MT: Getting On The Mat

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    Default MT: Getting On The Mat

    Getting On The Mat
    By MJS - Mon, 19 Feb 2007 13:51:15 GMT


    Now, anyone that teaches, obviously gets on the mat to do so. However, what I'm referring to is mixing it up with not only your students, but others as well. There are some clips floating around out in cyberspace of a 7th degree Kenpoist mixing it up with some people, who looking at them, appear to be at least half his age. Sparring, grappling and some good old contact, seem to be shown.

    So my question is this: Is this something that you do? Is this something that you feel is important or are you happy to just teach and pass on your knowledge?

    This thread is not intended to bash anyone or put anyone down, regardless of your answer. I'm just looking to see what everyones thoughts are. :ultracool



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    Default Re: MT: Getting On The Mat

    Our school has a long standing open-door policy. We will work out with anyone willing to get on the mat with us. I've trained with guys from Shoryn-Ryu (sp?), Aikido, Greco-Roman, TKD, JKD, a guy that called his style "Kim-Chi" (which I thought was Korean for cabbage...oh well) and even one guy that claimed to be a ninja just to name a few.

    Some convert and some we never see again. We believe in the "brotherhood" philosophy of martial arts, and Kenpo especially. We will share with anyone that seeks to obtain knowledge as we seek to do the same. We walk it like we talk it.
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