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Thread: MT: Promoting Organization

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    Default MT: Promoting Organization

    Promoting Organization
    By Kenpobuff - Thu, 15 Feb 2007 23:48:25 GMT


    Just a general question about promotions to higher ranks by members of different organizations.

    I read on another forum that a senior kenpoist was promoted by and kicked into the next rank by a group of well known masters. Each of these masters all have their own associations or organizations that they head. So my question is: Under what organization is a person's certificate issued under this circumstance?

    I asked the promoted person directly but he got defensive and didn't want to answer the question. So I am opening it up to any seniors that may have had the pleasure to be promoted by such a who's who of kenpo from other organizations.

    Help in my understanding is appreciated.



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    Default Re: MT: Promoting Organization

    I answered this but my post didn't get posted. My experience with this type of promotion is this. I have been involved a couple of these. We asked for and recieved a certificate from the system of the person being promoted.
    We all signed it. It was issued by thier system. This is done when they don't have anyone of higher rank in their system to promote them for their achievements to the rank that they have earned. Not very often.
    I don't think there has been any challanges to these type of promotions
    as they come from well known masters.
    I hope this helps answer your question. This is wht Little i know about it.

    I am Most Respectfully,

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