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Thread: MT: Are Poison Strikes in other styles of Kempo/Kenpo?

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    Default MT: Are Poison Strikes in other styles of Kempo/Kenpo?

    Are Poison Strikes in other styles of Kempo/Kenpo?
    By dragonswordkata - Sun, 11 Feb 2007 03:07:49 GMT


    In the style of Kempo I study we have a formalized set of hand strikes, besides the regular thrust, back two knuckle ...punches. I was curious if this was also taught in other Kempo/Kenpo styles. It would be great to see any differences, similarities if you would not mind sharing.

    Here is a list of what I have.

    1. Spear hand- throat
    2. Inverted Spear hand- throat
    3. Leopards paw- solar plexus
    4. Leopards paw- throat
    5. Inverted Leopards paw- filtrum (mustache)
    6. Tigers mouth- throat
    7. Crab hand- throat
    8. Two finger poke- eyes
    9. Twin dragon- eyes
    10. Inverted Twin dragon- throat
    11. Immortal man- throat
    12. Trigger finger-temple
    13. Fatal finger- eyes
    14. Crag bite- throat
    15. Ax hand shudo- collar bone
    16. Poison Thumb- eyes
    17. Iron Thumbs- behind ears
    18. Snake bite- eyes
    19. Thumb strike- eyes
    20. Dragons tail-eyes
    21. Index (one finger poke)- eyes
    22. Crain’s beak- temple
    23. Tigers claw- eyes
    24. Three finger strike- eyes
    25. Inverted immortal man- eyes
    26. Ripping tigers claw- groin
    27. Hans uki- temples
    28. Crain’s beaks- groin
    29. Eagles beaks- corner of eyes
    30. Smothers punch- cheek
    31. Bear claw- ears
    32. Willow palm- chest
    33. Laceration- face rake
    34. Chicken wrist- face (not sure of angel)
    35. Finger flick- eyes (lose hand, palm up)
    36. Rolling ridge hand-groin
    37. Ridge hand- temple


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