Pinans and SKK
By RevIV - Thu, 01 Feb 2007 05:39:55 GMT


since we were off track on another thread, I would like to start a new thread. The pinans were added to the curriculum through Prof. Cerio. They were then modified by him to fit his style of Kenpo. Then the masters after him who continued to teach modified them even more to suit their understanding of the forms. Very few of these Masters went and studied the forms in their original way and intentions. My question is - besides good concepts that could be found, how many of you are required to know techniques from the Pinans and apply them to your self-defense curriculum for rank? When testing or in class besides working the bunkai, how many of you do reaction drills using the techniques within the form and if you do which ones?
I was busting Matt's chops in another thread because he is a good friend of mine and i know the owner of the school he works for (both were at my wedding) and Matt said he would get rid of some of them when he opens his own school some day. Who else would do the same? These are hard questions to ask people who have been doing it for a long time and like the forms. But in Kempo, how does Shotokan make us more fluid? Some of the teachers i have trained with add a lot of the shotokan forms into their requirements after black belt for further advancement? Would you think this is good or bad.
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