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Thread: MT: Forms for training ...

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    Default MT: Forms for training ...

    Forms for training ...
    By 14 Kempo - Tue, 30 Jan 2007 02:49:40 GMT


    Forms ... there are practitioners that feel forms have no part in training and those that feel they are essential. As I can well agree, forms in and of themselves will not teach a person to defend themselves. I like to keep my mind open and try to find the good in everything I do. Forms help martial artists in so many ways: one, endurance; two, building strength; three, fluid motion; etc.

    One very positive note that I would like to bring up is the fact that if our mind finds itself in an unfamiliar position, it will freeze, if only for a second. That second can cost you your life. Forms, and combo/DMs for that matter, place our bodies into positions that we would not normally find ourselves in, thus bringing some sort of familiarity to it if we find ourselves that way in the street. Case and point, combo/DM#4, who would ever cross thier feet in a fight? Not me. It places you in a vulnerable position, but how about the point that if you were pushed and you found yourself in that position, if you hadn't been there before, your mind would freeze for that split second. With practice, your mind knows to MOVE!

    Now, forms and techniques put us in these comprimising positions, only to show us how to work from and out of them. I know, might be a different thought, but take a moment to think about why it is an instructor will tell you never to cross your legs in a street situation, then turn around and show you a technique that does that very thing.

    I certainly would like to see your thoughts on forms, positive and negative.


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    Default Re: MT: Forms for training ...

    Forms are one of several tools used to hone one's martial skill. Alone, they are not effective. But niether are the other methods. Forms, drills, techniques, sparring....all work in tandem to train one in self defense. Short of going out and entering into actual combat, these tools work effectively with one another to get as close as possbile.

    Can one focus too much on one tool and too little on another? Do some methods work better for some than others in retaining the material? Hmmm
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    Default Re: MT: Forms for training ...

    Forms are the road maps of a system. In some systems all of the information is put into the forms, this is often the case with the Okinawan and Chinese forms. With EPAK and the Tracy system this is not the case but there is still a lot of valuable information in the forms. In the IKCA all 55 base techniques are found in the Master Form and it serves as an excellent daily practice routine to keep its members familiar with all the techniques.

    Forms training in itself has many benefits, improved concentration, balance and coordination and with many form you do not need a partner so it is great for solo practice.
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