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Thread: MT: Chinese Kenpo?

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    Default MT: Chinese Kenpo?

    Chinese Kenpo?
    By LegLockGuy - Fri, 26 Jan 2007 03:01:37 GMT


    Can anyone tell me about this style of Kenpo? Everyone I ask seems not to know what it is. The only thing I know about the style is that it's mainly hands, and combinations. Is there many techniques or is it mainly a striking system?


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    Default Re: MT: Chinese Kenpo?

    Well, that would depend a great deal on what exactly is being called "chinese kenpo". I have heard of several systems being called some type of chinese kenpo at some point, since all kenpo can be traced back to the chinese systems.

    However, a few years ago, when I was in the Houston TX area, I visited a school that taught "chinese kenpo". For the life of me I cant remember the man's name. He was about in his mid fifties at that time. We talked a long time and shared some techniques with each other. From what I saw that night, his kenpo was very much like mine, i.e. techniques, names to the techniques, belt ranking system, so forth. The major difference I saw was his style of kenpo was very much "wider" than mine (meaning his movement was further away from his body, whereas mine, as most American Kenpo systems, is tighter or closer to the body as a result, in my mind, faster). The other thing I noticed was his techniques were more "rounded" instead of straight to the target. Opposite of the saying "shortest distance between two targets is a straigh line". To be completely honest, I left there that night thinking to myself, "this must be what Mr Parker had before making it better". I mean its hard to really explain my feeling on it other than it looked liked EPAK, just vintage.
    I wish I ould remember his name. He was a 5th DAN at that time and was very fast and seemed to be an excellent technition.
    But I could be completely out in left field from what you are talking about. I have also heard of some kung-fu systems referred to as chinese kenpo. I suggest you ask whomever you are hearing the name from to clarify.

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