A kem/npo sytem
By Hand Sword - Sun, 21 Jan 2007 21:19:46 GMT


Since of all us have very strong opinions about the Kem/npo sytems as a whole, as well as every detail that comprise each, let's be imaginative. We are all now Kem/npo Gods. We sit on top of our version of a kem/npo Mount Olympus. We All agree that we want to leave a serious Kem/npo legacy to the future martial artists. So, Let's create our Kem/npo style. I want specifics about EVERY detail we can think of. Nothing general liek "It's gotta be realistic". If that's your thought, fine, but be specific about realistic in what.. Hit every detail, strikes, kicks, blocks, and everything else in between. What is added, what is deleted, etc.. Let's start basic and build from there.


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