Your thoughts please
By KempoGuy06 - Mon, 15 Jan 2007 21:08:57 GMT


After spending some time here on martial talk i have noticed a wide variety of opinions on belts systems, ecspecially in the Kempo/Kenpo family. By bouncing between threads i have seen different opinons on this subject. So, i have decided to start a thread...

Im asking...

What do you think about the belt system used in their style?

Would they change the belt system if they could?

Whould you do anything to change it if you could?

Whould you even keep a belt system or would you get rid of it all together?

Im curious so let me know.

I will start. I like the idea of belts Because i am a person who likes to have and set goals. So the idea of colored belts to show progression appeals to me but only in that sense. I dont not believe myself superior because i have a higher rank than some people. For all i know those people would make me look stupid when it comes to sparring. As of now i have seen no negatives about the belt system at my school. It is less focussed on rank and more on the understanding and application of what we learn. The ranks are there to show progression.

Thanks to everyone in advance



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