teaching free, just for the love of the art.
By dragonswordkata - Sat, 13 Jan 2007 03:29:22 GMT


I was reading some new threads about teaching, holding back info and getting students into higher fee classes just for the money. This made me reflect on my son's dojo. We both needed places to practice/teach and he fell into a good deal. He found a building that needed work and a company that would pay to fix it if we would teach.soooo
I would teach Kempo and he would teach Judo. The operating costs were still covered as a right off by the company. We got the school going about 7 months ago and we didn't charge anything for our classes till last month. (then the supporting comp wanted to turn a profit).

My point is that I wanted to share my style with others and show the depth and richness it had to offer.
As I exsplain in my classes: this is not only my art, but it is also your art. It is exactly what you put into it. I know about 23 katas/forms, 30 odd combos and kempos, different blocking tecniques but I want more! The learning never ends and it's exciting! I love to share that excitment of knowlidge with others. I ask my students to always look for that passion in what ever they exsplore in life, be it Kempo, music, whatever. Don't worry if you can't do a punch like Bruce Lee, do YOUR best!

We all need to eat and live but when the allmighty $ rules our styles, then the soul of Martial Arts has died.


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