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    Default MT: comparing kenpo...

    comparing kenpo...
    By Flying Crane - Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:33:47 GMT


    This is a thread aimed at discussion between those who have experience in more than one kenpo lineage. I am curious to know about how you feel about the different branches you have trained in. Is there one that you like better? Why? is it the the curriculum, or the general approach to training, or something else? If you switched from one to another, why?

    This is not intended to become a fight over which is "better". I think that is a personal decision that the individual needs to make for him/herself. But I am curious to hear about how you would compare and contrast them, based on your experiences. I only have experience with Tracys, and so am unable to make the comparison.

    This comparison could be between EPAK, Tracys, Villari, Castro, Kara-Ho, Kosho, etc.

    Even within EPAK, if you have trained under different seniors, how to you feel about that? This could include comparing Planas lineage with Labounty lineage with Palanzo lineage, with Speakman lineage, with Sullivan lineage, etc.

    I look forward to some interesting discussions here. Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: MT: comparing kenpo...

    I switched to my current curriculum for 2 main reasons.

    1) I didn't have time to practice 3 hours a day which is how long it took to review the basic curriculum I was studying and because of that, I wasn't giving the curriculum the attention it deserved as my focus was actually to get through it all. On a personal level I found that trying to keep up with so much material resulted in things such as my basics suffering.

    2) My prior curriculum was full of redundant material and I felt it would be more productive to study new material instead of rehashing the same lesson over and over when I alrady "got it" the first time around. Being forced to "learn" a new technique that was obviously an extension of another one lost my interest very quickly. At the risk of sounding immodest, I'm quite intelligent and need more stimulation. I prefer to apply the principles I've learned on my own and forumlate my own extensions to test out and have fun with in the classroom environment.
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    Default Re: MT: comparing kenpo...

    Another great thread from MT-

    I came from USSD so there are as many differences as similarities with that and Kara-Ho Kempo.

    I deleted what I had originally written below. FYI

    I can only say that for me, the difference was not simply noticeable, it is over-whelming!

    Better curriculum, better instruction, more family type atmosphere, and a true lineage.

    Kara-Ho Kempo is as much a part of me as my right hand. USSD for me was a warm-up for Kara-Ho. I came to Kara-Ho as a brown-belt with USSD and i was no match for an average Purple Belt in Kara-Ho. The proof is in the pudding!

    It does not hurt that I train at Kara-Ho international HQ, which is Grandmaster Kuoha's home, with one of his top instructors (5th dan, which is very rare in Kara-Ho) and it is not an unusual night to train for a few hours and have Grandmaster Kuoha open the window to the dojo and invite us all in for his cooking!

    Also, the leadership is amazing! Grandmaster can be found helping a white belt with a form, learning to tie his belt, or in extreme circumstances he has even taken in troubled kids/ teens and turned them around. Were talking live-in students...major stuff. In other systems the Head master might show up only at fancy high priced seminars or tournaments, sign everyones belt then leaves...

    Does that kinda answer the question? LOL
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    The above is just my opinion.

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