SKK Combos
By MJS - Mon, 04 Dec 2006 13:56:33 GMT


Seeing that we have a number of current and former SKK people here, I thought we could take a look at and break down some of the various techniques in the system. Basically, I'm looking to discuss any problems you may have encountered or variations that you have with the techniques. To start off, I thought we could discuss #1.

Step thru right punch.

1-Step back with right leg, as you draw your left into a cat, while parrying the punch with your left.

2-Step forward with your left leg, as you wrap opponents arm with your left arm.

3-Deliver a right raking tiger claw strike to the face, following thru with a bent wrist strike.

4-Right foot steps behind opponents right leg, as you deliver a web hand (tigers mouth) strike to the throat, sweeping them down.

5-While maintaining hold of the opponents arm, deliver a right punch to the chest and a right spear hand to the throat.

Anyone have any other variations?



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