Chinese Kenpo in Napa
By youngbraveheart - Tue, 31 Oct 2006 03:59:41 GMT


When I was twelve years old (a long long time ago in the early seventies), I took "Chinese Kenpo" in Napa (CA) from Bob McClure (assume this is the correct spelling for Bob's last name), who was a college student (maybe graduate student) at the time at U.C. Davis. (I still have a patch from long ago that says "Chinese KeNpo" right on it.) Most of the students were either from Napa or nearby Vallejo. I do not recall the last names of the adult students, but I can still see their faces. I also remember some of the katas and techniques we did... We were in several public school gyms in Napa during my two years and not in a commercial building.

Does anyone know who Bob McClure is and where he might be today or know any of his students from back then in Napa? I assume the Chinese Kenpo we took was Parker's Kenpo. (This is another thing that I'm trying to figure out.) I'm pretty sure it was not Kajukenbo because I've seen their forms and techniques. We wore black gi's with the kids like me having half colored belts (half white and color) and solid color belts.

I thought I'd ask about Bob just to satisfy my curiosity...I have Bob to thank for letting me get involved as a young kid and help develop my ability to kick well (wish I could do those same kicks today).


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