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Thread: MT: Kenpo with weapons?

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    Default MT: Kenpo with weapons?

    Kenpo with weapons?
    By Carol Kaur - Fri, 29 Sep 2006 08:49:33 GMT


    Most of the Parker Kenpo schools that I have seen incorporate knife/weapons techs when the student is a brown belt, de minimus.

    Are there any Kenpo lineages/schools that teach weapons at a significantly earlier stage?

    I'm just curious.


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    Default Re: MT: Kenpo with weapons?

    at my school (AKKI) we work clubs as early as orange, one of our club drills is a requirement for purple belt so naturally thats when they get introduced.. the Bo staff is Green Belt..

    for Brown you need to have learned all the first level (we have 3 levels) of club material.. im not sure when you start learning knife work, probably around brown since you need to know all of the first level of knife for your first degree black.

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    Default Re: MT: Kenpo with weapons?

    In Kara-Ho Kempo weapons Kata's are taught at Advanced yellow (Yellow/Purple) and up... Where weapons defenses are first taught at blue/ Green belt level-
    The above is just my opinion.

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