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Thread: MT: Does this actaully work for Self Defense

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    Default MT: Does this actaully work for Self Defense

    Does this actaully work for Self Defense
    By ziason - Tue, 12 Sep 2006 10:34:37 GMT


    I have been studing SKK for several years now in a local Villari School and I am currently a Blue Belt. I have to ask, Does this actually work for self defense? Some of the techniques I know can be effective, but a great deal of what I have seen, seems unpractical. In addition to my class training and seminars I have attended, I have the Villari DVD set White to Black Belt, and I must say it is not that impressive. It is all too choreographed. Many of the moves seem much too long and compilcated to be efective in a real fight. Since Villaris stresses that this is supposed to be self defense, I keep trying to evaluate what I'm being taught with a critical eye toward practical application, and many times it comes up short. I'd like to get some feedback from other people. Has anyone here ever actaully used any of this to defend themselves, and if so how well did it work?


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    Default Re: MT: Does this actaully work for Self Defense

    I can't stress enough that the video's are meant for people who DO NOT have a dojo nearby, They are suppliments for students. The moves are meant to be used in combat situations, but really the guidance of an instructor can help clarify, change, and properly demonstrate the uses for alot of the techniques.

    There are hip movements, foot placements, weight shifts, turning methods that Simply CANNOT be shown on tape properly, You must have a real instructor guide you through any set of difficult movements, and give you personal attention.

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    Default Re: MT: Does this actaully work for Self Defense

    Try it out. Go start a fight. Hang out in a bad neighborhood for awhile. That should answer your!
    But seriously, if you love what you do, by all means-do it! After all, the techniques don't teach you to fight. They teach you the coordination you will need to build your own techniques on the fly...and THAT is what you need when you step off the mat and onto the street.
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