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Thread: MT: SL4 question for Doc Chapel

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    Default MT: SL4 question for Doc Chapel

    SL4 question for Doc Chapel : Fri, 08 Sep 2006 01:12:11 GMT

    Mr./Dr. Chapel,
    Forgive me I don't know if it's a title or a nickname or both. I was referred here by one of your students from another forum. After reading your brief description of SL4 posted on KenpoTalk it is my understanding that some theory of pressure points is integrated into the techniques you teach. I've read some of the George Dillman book and of course when you do that you've got to start poking around to see if those points do anything. OUCH! Which brings me to my question. When sparring or practice techniques with a partner how do you not cause significant discomfort even with light contact?



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    Default Re: MT: SL4 question for Doc Chapel

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc- from MT
    Most tend to misunderstand "nerve activations' and see them as something you can 'add' to your art. Perhaps in other arts you can, but not in SubLevel Four kenpo. In our methodology, the execution requires correct body mechanics, a negative posture to create access, and proper angles and weapon. Therefore nerve activations are incidental, or a byproduct of proper execution. We emphasize proper execution, and the nerve strikes almost take care of themselves.
    Doc, could you elaborate on the term negative body posture? What is it, how is it induced, and how does it create access?

    Enjoy your insights on KenpoTalk, sir. Perhaps this crossover feature will allow more interaction. I get a lot out of your posts. Thanks.

    Dan C

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