Mr. Parker Through the Years. : Sun, 10 Sep 2006 03:38:16 GMT

This is from a question raised on another forum. I thought it'd be a good one to ask here of some people that actually trained with Ed Parker over the years.

There have been several videos of Mr. Parker put on the net of late showing him from the early 1960's through the last years of his life. One person said that he thought that in the early footage it looked as if Mr. Parker were trying to still figure out what he was doing, whereas in the middle years he looked very good. Then, in the later years, Mr. Parker looked as if he were starting to slip in terms of execution of his technique.

To my non-EPAK eye, it looked a bit different from the videos I've seen. It looked like he was doing three different things throughout the years. In the early tapes with Chuck Sullivan, the Kenpo looked totally different from the stuff we see in the later years, but it looked like Mr. Parker knew how to do it VERY well. I remember not being overly impressed wiht his kicks until Doc pointed out that he wasn't trying to do Tae Kwon Do etc. and so shouldn't be compared to them.

So I guess my question is this: Did Ed Parker's skills diminish as he got older? I know that the martial arts world was shocked when he died suddenly at the age of 59 and I never remembered reading where anyone thought he was going down hill in terms of ability, so I thought I'd ask here.


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