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Thread: MT: Practicing Both Sides

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    Default MT: Practicing Both Sides

    Practicing Both Sides
    By cdhall - 08-03-2013 07:39 AM


    YEARS ago I know I was in many... discussions on the merits of practicing techniques ion both sides in Ed Parker's Kenpo.

    I can't find an old thread now to throw this gasoline on so I'll just paste here what I posted to Facebook just now and maybe in 10 years I'll come back and look and see what happened...

    Hope you all are well. I don't miss the flame wars. But I had to share this:

    I'll have to find my Martial Talk and Kenpo Talk logins... meanwhile I'll post this here. I wish I had this YEARS ago when Mr. C and I spent so much time arguing this truth.

    At 2:44 Mr. Parker states "The reason I like you to practice your techniques on both sides..."


    I SOOOO needed this clip once...

    I'll have to find a way to get this on my phone so I have it the next time I am with any Kenpo people who argue how much of a waste of time practicing both sides is.

    Shout out to Mr. Dennis Conatser Sr. Mr. Brian Duffy for never backing down on this assertion and passing it on to my Ambidextrious Kenpo Self.


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    Default MT Practicing Both Sides

    Im looking for the sheet music for the tune, Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell in bww format. Thanks in advance. Cheers

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