Kenpo at the Shaolin Cultural Festival
By vishalshukla - 06-17-2013 07:43 PM


The Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival will be held October 8-15 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Bob Whites karate Studio has been asked to represent Ed Parker's American Kenpo at the event.

We will have Kenpo competition on October 12 with divisions for Self Defense, Forms and Team Demos. In addition, there will be Kenpo demonstrations to showcase Mr. Parkers art. Mr. White is compiling a "Dream Team", of American Kenpoists for the demonstrations (also on 10/12). We have commitments from such great Kenpoists as Paul Dye, Dave Thompson, Anto Parseghian, Andrea Pfefer Solow, and Mike Pombeiro. In addition the winning demonstration team will be on stage that night as part of our team. We will be representing Ed Parker's American Kenpo and will do the very best possible. The support of our community would be appreciated.

More information will be posted on the competition soon. Mr. White and the team will not receive any money from this event but a percentage will go to the Royal Family Kids from the tournament.

Below is a promotional video we put together.


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