Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching
By vishalshukla - 02-25-2013 10:28 PM


Thanks to all who attended Bob Whites seminar on Elements of effective Coaching yesterday in Costa Mesa.

It was a full house (see below) with people from all over. Special thanks to Bobby and Char Lawrence who traveled in from Utah, Denis & Maria Ciccarelli who drove down from Fresno, Ricky Forrest and family who drove up from Baja and all the rest. We were also very happy to have Dennis Conatser who drove in from AZ to share Ed Parker stories.

The material was extremely well received and gave everybody a lot to think about when it comes to being a better coach/teacher and building long term relationships with your students.

Mr. White went over many of the things he learned from Mr. Parker as well as ideas he got from other great coaches and leaders like John Wooden, Vic Braden, Tom Landry and others.

At the end of the session there was a Q&A session and the most common question was, why dont we have more seminars on how to teach?. I think that is a very good question and we hope that all who attended got a lot out of this seminar. The seminar was filmed and a DVD will be available soon.

Thank you,

Vishal Shukla


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