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Thread: Kamakazi Lunch

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    Default Kamakazi Lunch

    Alan, Fred, and Stan worked on the 91st floor of a high-rise construction site. Every day at noon they would sit down on the highest girders for lunch break.
    Alan opened up his lunch and exclaimed, "Turkey and Cheddar on Wheat! Man, I love this sandwich. It's the world's BEST sandwich!".
    Fred opened up his lunch and laughed at Alan. "Roast Beef and Provolone on Rye! Now THIS is truly the best sandwich of all!"
    Stan, opened up his lunch and proclaimed, "My sandwich of Turkey, Bacon, Ham, and Cheddar is the rightful king of sandwiches!". They all argued about it but it was all in good fun.
    Well, after several weeks of the same sandwiches, things were getting a little old.
    Alan opened up his lunch and yelled "No more Turkey and Cheddar! I hate this sandwich. Every day the same freakin thing. If I get another Turkey and Cheddar in my lunch, I'm gonna jump!".
    Fred opened his lunch and muttered angrily, "Roast Beef and Provolone! Why does she do this to me? I now hate this sandwich! If my wife packs this again I'm jumping!"
    Stan opens his lunch, throws it yelling "IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME THING! It better be different tomorrow or I'm jumping!"
    At lunch time the next day, the three sit down to lunch. Alan opens his lunch, calmly sits it back down and does a swan-dive off the 91st floor.
    Fred opens his lunch, mutters a quick prayer, and jumps. Stan opens his lunch, tears his sandwich up, and jumps.
    The police come and rope off the area, and call each of the three men's wives down. All three of the women are crying and pretty torn up. Both Alan and Fred's wives keep telling the police , "If only he would have told me, I would have made something different!" However Stan's wife has a very puzzled look on her face. The police ask her if there is anything that they can do for her. She looks at them in bewilderment exclaiming, "I just don't understand. Stan always made his own lunches!"

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    Default Re: Kamakazi Lunch

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