Iron Crotch Kung Fu

Someone write this to me, and you can see what my response was. The scary part of the following is that what he wrote to me is true, and used to be practiced.
I don't know if you've heard of this but here goes.

Iron Crotch Kung Fu ( I swear I heard this on TV during a demonstration of Kung Fu)

  1. Find a large heavy rock
  2. Place rock on a near by wall
  3. Tie a leather thong (rope) securely around the rock
  4. Tie the other end of the rope around your scrotum
  5. Assume a horse riding stance and walk backwards pulling the rock off the wall and let swing
The scary thing here is that this is a true thing---this sort of thing used to be one of the "tests" given by the Shaolin priests to gauge your chi.


Personally, I think what it REALLY was had to do with the fact that the older priests were tired of having to deal with the high testosterone levels of the younger initiates, so they devised this "test". After doing that a couple of times, testosterone is something your body simply won't produce anymore. Ta-da! Instant serene monk, without that pesky testosterone-based macho attitude.


It's supposed to show your would-be attacker that you are impervious to pain. This is definately the case but I'm not sure how practical this would be in a fight. It also shows your attacker you are as thick as a plank.

Strong, tough---and not much for brains.