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Thread: Bubba & The Morgue

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    Default Bubba & The Morgue

    A body arrived at the morgue badly burned by a fire and the mortician was having a hard time identifying the body.

    The sherrif believed that the body was that of Bubba, and called in his two best friends, John Boy and Billy, to see if they could identify the body.

    John Boy looked first, "Man, he is burnt up bad!" he said. "I can't tell nothing from this angle....roll him over." So the mortician rolled over the body and John Boy said, "Naw man, that ain't him."

    The mortician nodded and called for Billy to come in next. Billy said, "Heck! That dude's crispier than KFC! I can't tell if that's him or not....roll him over." The mortician, now perplexed, obliged and rolled the body over onto its belly. "Naw Doc, that ain't Bubba."

    Curiosity getting the best of the mortician, he asked, "How do you know?"

    Billy smiled, "Cause Bubba had two butt holes! That's how."

    "What!?" The mortician exclaimed, "Are you serious?"

    "Yup," Billy replied. "Every time we'd come into town the folk would always say "Here comes Bubba with them two butt holes."
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    Default Re: Bubba & The Morgue

    I like that one
    A black belt covers 2" of your butt. Covering the rest is soley up to you

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    Default Re: Bubba & The Morgue

    That's the clean version. Still funny though.
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    Default Re: Bubba & The Morgue

    *shakes head sadly*
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