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    Default Alzheimers

    I doctor was doing a study on Alzhiemers and memory loss, so he asked 3 elderly gentlemen into his office to do an interview.

    The Doctor asked the first man, "What is 3 x 3"

    The man replied, "156"

    The doctor shook his head, and looked at the second gentleman and asked, "What is 3 x 3"

    He replied, "Tuesday"

    The doctor feeling slightly discouraged looked to the third man and asked, "What is 3 x 3"

    The third man replied "9"

    The doctor asked, "How did you come up with that answer?"

    The man replied, "Really simple I just subtracted Tuesday from 156, and I cam up with 9"

    For anyone who has had a family member with Alzheimer's please do not take any offense to this joke, it is only meant in fun.
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    Default Re: Alzheimers

    My grandfather had alzheimers, but I think the joke is funny anyways.
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    Default Re: Alzheimers

    My Gram's at the onset of it, but its still funny.
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