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Senior Professor John Sepulveda

Senior Professor John Sepulveda, who has over 39 years experience in American Kenpo, holds an 8th Degree Black Belt. Mr. Sepulveda was one of the very few who was a direct student of Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker. Mr. Sepulveda has actively and successfuly competed in many Open, National and International tournaments and has many junior and senior students who have also competed successfully at the same levels of competition. His students are known for their speed and explosive power as well as their character. Mr. Sepulveda has also appeared on television, and in national and international martial arts magazines, and has written numerous articles on the art of American Kenpo as perpetuated by Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker.

Mr. Sepulveda is one of the founding members of the "American Kenpo Senior Council" which boasts some of the best Kenpo practitioners woldwide. He also is the International Director of Jeff Speakman's "American Kenpo Karate Systems" TM. He has been recognized worldwide for his committed efforts in promoting Kenpo, which has included receiving many awards, including the California Karate League's "Official of the Year Award," and the Associated Teachers Association of the Martial Artists (ATAMA) "Hall of Fame Award." At the present time there are over 20 schools affiliated with Mr. Sepulveda throughout the United States and Europe.

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