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Who's Who -> Biography: George 'Clarence' Chang

George 'Clarence' Chang - 1926-2003
George Chang was also known as Clarence Chang.
He contributed the "BO" in the KaJuKenBo system known as the Chinese Boxing - Gung-Fu style.

His family, friends, and co-founders know him as a refined individual, a outstanding martial artist and Korean War veteran.

At the early age of twelve, George spent a few years in his father's native land, the province of Kwangtung, prior to World War II. While in China he got his initial start in the "hard / soft" system of Sil Lum Kung-FU (Shaolin).

He retuned to Honolulu in 1941 when Hawaii was U.S. territory and not yet a state.
Chang then furthered his Chinese style knowledge under the late Wong Kok Fut.

While studying this art he acquired an interest in the art of Kenpo Karate and it was at that time he collaborated with the co-founders of the KaJuKenBo system.

After the KaJuKenBo system was created in 1947, George enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1949.

When the North Korean People's army crossed the 38th Parallel on June 25, 1950 and invaded South Korea, the United States intervened into the conflict and the "Korean War" began.

With the shortage of combat troops, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves were called upon into active duty and George went to Korea.

At one time George was rumored to have been killed or Missing In Action, but he did survive the war, and returned to Hawaii where he passed away in 2003.

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