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Who's Who -> Biography: Frank Ordanez

Frank Ordanez
Highly sophistiscated in the martial arts and contributing the Japanese Kodokan Judo/Sekeino Jujitsu with Joseph Holck, Professor Ordonez is one of the five who helped create Kajukenbo. His two most notable instructors were Okizaki black belt, Sam Luke, and Mitose black belt, Thomas Young.

He is an Honorable Member of the Kuo Min Tang Physical Culture Association.

His martial arts training experience extended to Kenpo Karate, Judo, jui jitsu, and boxing.
Just as important as his physical acheivements, is his philosophical contributions to the martial arts.

Prof. Ordonez is the man credited with creating the Kajukenbo prayer.
By his own admission he says that the martial arts has affected him greatly in that he discovered his weaknesses and learned to strengthen them.

He's also learned to integrate the mind, body, and emotions. His philosophy in life is "knowing others is wisdom. Knowing the self is enlightenment"

Today, he states that the martial arts generates the youth to a path of righteousness. And that self improvement begins with an assessment of the basis of your own self respect. And from this point you proceed to the basis on which you must have the respect of others.

Prof. Ordonez once said "understanding the mind, then harnessing it's hidden power's, will bring stability, clarity of the mind, inner peace, contentment, and the power to erase negative attitudes and develop a positive nature".

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