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KenpoTalk is a great place to advertise. We are a central gathering point for the Kenpo Community of martial artists.

When you advertise with us you:

1. You receive constant exposure to your banner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round!
2. Your ad isn't static, it links directly to your site so others can see your services immediately!
3. You help support the Kenpo community and preserve this historical archive and community.
4. You can have your ad changed within a few days rather than a few months allowing faster response and adaptation to market needs.
5. You become part of one of the fastest growing martial arts websites in the world.
6. In addition to our regular visitors, each day brings new visitors resulting in an ever increasing group of people who will see your ad.
7. And, you are not just limited to current martial artists. Future martial arts who have never studied the art or bought equipment before, are seeing your ad.

Advertising on KenpoTalk is handled by the SilverStar Community Network. Current rates and contact information are available here.

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