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About KenpoTalk

Welcome to KenpoTalk!
All Kenpo - All The Time! is the Leading Kenpo specific discussion forum on the web. Our mission is to preserve, promote and pass on the history, techniques, concepts and memories of those who study the arts known as Kenpo. If you are studying Parkers Kenpo, Tracy Kenpo, are an independent looking for fellowship a master looking to teach, or a beginner looking for information, our goal is to be the place for you.

We are a growing community of knowledge seekers enjoying the road we walk down, while exploring that wonderous art known as Kenpo!

Join us on the forums, and explore the rest of our site. We have a growing archive of information that has been donated to us by our visitors and members.

Founded February 2005.

In our first year, we moved over 18 Gigabytes of data, 665,000+ pages of information and served over 65,000 visitors!
KenpoTalk - Year 1 - What a Rush!


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